An open letter to the South African President, Jacob Zuma

March 02, 2017 (GMN) - Dear President Zuma, Forgive me to say that what is being witnessed in your country (South Africa) is so unforgivable, so embarrassing, shocking beyond comprehension and deeply sickening. 

How on earth can you be that heartless and a person with a least humanity to ignore the innocent human slaughtering and loss of precious lives in a so barbaric and unimaginably sickening manner so often in YOUR places, cities and drive ways?????  How about the logical thinking, the moral and ethics???

What kind of hearts and minds sir are there in YOU and the other South African officials to call “life as usual” in your country when watching so many innocent young lives are being absolutely barbarically slaughtered, literally slaughtered, as “normal”, in public, in day lights in your streets??????  What happened to the moral and Ethics????

Dear President Zuma,

Forgive me to say that this is absolutely, not only shameful but so embarrassing to you sir, deeply embarrassing to this African nation, to the country called “south African” sir!!  Your country, South African sir is the African country where human butchering is “officially” taking place.  That serious of moral and ethics deprivation???

Dear President Zuma,

I would sincerely like to remind you that what’s happening in your country, South Africa is critically darkening , not just your personal image, but sadly enough, the whole South Africans’ image!!  I cannot even imagine that you have no idea that the whole world is watching the unthinkably evil acts taking place in your streets sir.  Lives of poor, young, innocent people, like your own children and family members are cruelly and gruesomely being slaughtered, smashed and burned alive!!  Shame, shame, shame!!!!

Dear President Zuma,

I and my other Ethiopian brothers and sisters, (I am sure other Africans too..) are so embarrassed that some horrific and inhuman act is taking place in one of the African countries, of which Ethiopia is one.  And so you know --- that we the Ethiopians, are so sickened and severely angered by what we see happening to some of our own innocent and young people who came to your country with an assumption that all Africans were brothers and sisters.  I hope you have some courage to witness that we, the Ethiopians have good hearts to love and respect anyone, for just being human beings.  However, it’s so sad that we are not getting what we deserve in your country, South African. 

Dear President Zuma…..

My anger, deep disappointment, and sleeplessness is one out of the millions of other Ethiopians.  And we sincerely, with broken hearts and sickened minds are urging you, to please, please, please do something for the sake of moral and ethics, for just being a human being, something in your power, to save innocent lives from being treated as NOTHING, and burned alive or their heads crashed with heavy rocks in a “JOKING’ manner.

 And consider doing us a big favor sir…, have some decency and humanity to DEPORT, not slaughter, our innocent people


Yared G Bairu