PM Halimarim Praises Gambella regional govt for successful hosting 10th NNPD

Gambella, Deceember 20, 2015 (GMN) - History repeat itself , in the 80s former Ethiopia Derg-Regime President Mengistu Hailemariam (Wara-Ariet) visited Abobo town, Gambella and met with farmers and promoted MarxismLeninism ideolgy so called "communism". This time is different, PM Halimarim followed the footsteps of Mengistu Hailemariam by landing his helocptor in Abobo cotton farm and straightforward to Chobo-Kir kebele and met with local residents, farmers, youth and elders to strength resettlement and villagization programme.

Addressing the mammoth gathering at the newly built Gambella National Stadium, dressing in Anyuak traditional cultural suits Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn said that the Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples are proud peoples who bravely defended their sovereignty and country against foreign aggressors. He Praises and thanks Gambella regional govt for successful hosting  10th NNP's
Day with the best performance ever.

The celebration of the Day is significant towards creating one political and economic community, he said adding previous successive regimes did not recognize the identity of nations, nationalities and peoples and trample upon their democratic and human rights treating them as second class citizens.

"This oppression prompted an arduous struggle against the perpetrators for the respect of their rights and freely use as well as develop their language, culture and history," the Premier said.

The oppressors were toppled through the joint struggle of nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. Hence, this annual celebration is clearly the resounding declaration of peace-loving and honourable Ethiopians, he said.

The Prime Minister further indicated that the celebration is the commemoration of the people of Ethiopia's ultimate triumph against the repressive and oppressive regime that deprived them of their rights in their own nation. "Our diversity is a source strength not weakness and acknowledged by the Federal Constitution"

House of Federation Speaker Yalew Abate on his part said that, Ethiopia is registering rapid development and giving equal opportunities to each nations and nationalities. The government will step up efforts to address challenges with active public participation, the Speaker said.

"The Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia ensuring the human and democratic rights of nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia has entered into a new era of equality and mutual cooperation to safeguard and ensure their common interests."

In this regard, each nation, nationality and people in Ethiopia has the right to speak, write and develop and promote its culture and language, to express, develop and preserve its history, Yalew said. "Thus, federalism and the rapid, successive and equitable development of the nation have become identical with the Ethiopian Renaissance," he added.

Gambella State Chief Gatluwak Tut also said: "We are proud of the privilege given to Gambella to host the celebration. The Day has created a sense of unity thereby strengthening our development efforts in all aspects."

Gambella is endowed with vast arable land enabling the state become investment destination, which is the result of the Federal system, he said. "The Federal Emerging States Board has played significant role in enabling the State achieve GTP I goals and is still with us in the implementation of GTP II."

According to Gatluwak, the state has registered significant and marked results in infrastructural and socioeconomic development activities following the adoption of the Constitution. Gambella is peaceful and is ready to welcome investors who are willing to do business in the State, he added.

Sudanese President Omar Hassan Ahmed al-Bashir who attended the ceremony said, Ethiopia is model to his country in ensuring peace and stability acknowledging diversity.

"In my view, the lesson other countries should draw from this event is immense. Celebrating identity through unity enhances development and democratic people-to-people relation as well as government-to-government cooperation." Various infrastructural facilities readied for service were inaugurated and visited by senior government officials.

Residents of Gambella, senior government officials, invited guests, representatives of development partners and tourists attended the celebration held at the 35,000-capacity stadium with the theme; "Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Participation for Growth and Transformation."

Harari State was selected to host the next NNPs Day celebrations.