The Co-Founder of GPLM/ GPUDM , Agwa Alemo will be missed but his dream will live on

Gambella, May 28, 2016 (GMN) - The Gambella movement father Agwa Alemo would have celebrated his  25th  ANNIVEERSARY OF MAY 28, 1991 Victory, instead his dream shall never die. The co- founder of  Gambella People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM) now called (GPUDM) Gambella Peoples’ Unity Democratic Movement, was no ordinary politician, he was more liberal democrat who put people interest first than his interest.

He was kind of politician with charismatic characters with charmed look who speak for the voiceless and exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which he seeks to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no-one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.

He champion the freedom, dignity and well-being of individuals, He acknowledges and respect people right to freedom of conscience and people right to develop their talents to the full. He aim to disperse power, to foster diversity and to nurture creativity.

He believes that the role of the state is to enable all citizens to attain these ideals, to contribute fully to their communities and to take part in the decisions which affect their lives.   He didn't die in Vain, 'He died doing what he thought was right as a hero.

Today his glory speaks of Gambella as the cradle of humanity and constituted the very genesis of how our people live together in harmony, Anyuak, Nuer, Majanger, Oppo, Komo and Highlander, we may have different view of political ideology and culture but our value and tradition remain the same. We both should learn how to live together side by side as society with respect, trust, honest and one vision for our State. Hatred and division will not make us grow. Political right, economical right, freedom of speech and women right stated in both regional and Federal constitutions.  Gambella Peoples’ Unity Democratic Movement, (GPUDM) is a political party in the Gambella Region of Ethiopia. It is the regional ally of the ruling EPRDF coalition, has proved to be conflict prone.  It should focus on how to fight natural poverty, social development, and economical development that benefit to all people.   Its goal is prosperity for all. GPUDM was founded as the new regional EPRDF ally in 2003. Its predecessors were the Gambella People’s Liberation Movement (GPLM), which was in existence 1991–1998, and the Gambella People’s Democratic Front (GPDF), in existence 1998–2003.


GPUDM, a coalition of three newly founded ethnic-based parties. The three constituent parties were the Nuer People’s Democratic Organization for the Nuer and Oppo, the Anywaa People’s Democratic Organization for the Anuak and Komo, and the Majanger People’s Democratic Organization for the Majangir.

(GPDUM): Unity is the confirmation of our party mandate. Our party was born during the most difficult period in the history of our politic. It had to challenge racism, ethnics and the ingrained prejudice that led to the dividing of our people.

We make bold to assert that this 21st Century is Gambella Century.  The renewal of our party belongs to this generation.  We cannot afford to fail our people, our country and the generation to come. Let the peace reign in Gambella.

Among other things, the vision, principles and values of the ( GPDUM) teach the cadres of this movement life-long lessons that inform us that wherever we are and whatever we do we should ensure that our actions contribute to the attainment of a free and just society, the upliftment of all our people, and the development of Gambella Region that belongs to all who live in it. This is the vision of Gambella that is democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous; State, in which all the people enjoys a better life.


Early investment in education, quality teachers, makes our kids basic economic sense.  Those kids are much more likely to be well educated, have better job prospects, live healthier, contribute more to their communities and in general contribute to the general good and become tomorrow leaders..  The Government of Gambella should work with local health leaders to facilitate and educate our community how to use available health care facility. We need long-Term Economic Growth, more investors, create more jobs and more loan for small business owner to improve the quality life of ordinary poor people. Security Challenge is becoming a very critical issue in Gambella Region. We need to improve our security beyond our border and work closely with our neighbour countries.

Here is a quick Facts:

Agwa Alemo was an Ethiopian politician. He belonged to the Anuak ethnic group, and became the first president of the Gambella region.

Agwa was a member of the Marxist Waz League in the 1970s. He was sent to Cuba for political education. Upon returning to Ethiopia he was appointed administrator for the Jikaw District. When the Waz League and the Derg military junta sent in separate directions, Agwa was jailed for a short period.

After being released from jail Agwa began working for the UNHCR. He would also return to his position as Jikaw District administrator. Later, he became the chairman of the Gambella People's Liberation Movement.(GPLM)

In 1991 Agwa became the first president of the Gambella region. He was one of two GPLM delegates to the Council of Representatives during the transitional period.

On July 11, 1992 a group of fighters from Agwa's own GPLM visited Agwa in his residence in Gambella. The soldiers presented demands regarding food distribution provisions. In the end, the GPLM soldiers killed Agwa Alemo.

Long Live GPDUM and God Bless Gambella Land  and its People !

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