Ethiopia Fires Heads of Detention Centers Over Human Rights Abuses

Addis Ababa, July 05, 2018 (GMN) - The attorney general of Ethiopia, Berhanu Tsegaye has fired several heads of prisons from their positions on Wednesday.

According to Mr. Berhanu, the attorney general, the prison commanders were sacked for failing to discharge their duties effectively and respect the human rights of prisoners.

The sacked prisons heads were replaced with new officers according to the statement of the attorney general.

Mr. Berhanu called on new heads of the detention across the country to protect and respect the right of the prisoners in accordance to the constitution.

The statement by the attorney general further said that the heads of the prisons behind the human right violations and abuses will face justice after the ongoing investigations are over.

Fana Broadcasting Corporate recently reported rights violation committed in various detention centers of Ethiopia.

The sentiments of the attorney general come months after the ruling coalition of Ethiopia declared it would release the political prisoners in the prisons and close Maekelawi detention center in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The government did not say how and when the action will happen, but the rights group described the move as a positive step taken forward.

The federal police use Maekelawi and other detention centers to question Ethiopia’s most famous political prisoners.  Human Rights Watch documented torture and mistreatment as the major problems prisoners face in most of Ethiopia’s detention centers. (FBC)