Ethiopia: Gambella University update

Gambella, March 12, 2015(GMN) - Speaking on regional TV program, the president of Gambella University Dr. Opiew said, slowly but surely, Gambella University is making progress and heading to right direction. He added, a university education is a transformational commitment. It opens new possibilities for the individual and for the people around them. We are actively sharpening our recruiting efforts to more aggressively attract students from other parts of Ethiopia. This year, Gambella University enrolled 946 students and the number of students expected to enroll with in next five years will jump to an estimates of 10000.

The process of development post- secondary education as an export commodity represents a notable contribution to the Gambella regional’s economy. This week four days Instructor-led training was offered to, all staffs and instructors to learn in better ways of management and teaching.

This process recognizes the significant challenges facing University of Gambella and its staffs. The four days trainingg and dialogue on this issue clearly identifies the need for transformative change and new research opportunities. Every day people discovering new and better ways to live and learn, and connecting our discoveries with society and communities.

Entrepreneurs emerging from our post-secondary institutions in this region are revitalizing our economy, and building a better Gambella region. The program review discussions have made clear that we need a growing and high-performing university in Gambella to support our economic productivity and competitiveness. Successful modern economies embrace higher education as critical infrastructure, and recognize a fundamental connection between universities and economic development.

Source: Gambella Media