Ethiopia to launch rocket up to 30km distance in to the space “Alpha Meles”

Addis Ababa: December 30, 2014 (GMN) - Ethiopia is building a station at the northern part of the country to launch rockets up to 30km distance in to the space, project manager Eng. Mulualem HileMarian said.

According to him, construction of a station, Alpha Meles named after the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, is being built at the Tigray regional state.

Constructions of two underground stations, in which preparation activities and testing will be carried out are also being built. 

Testing for the system and capacity of the rocket to be launched will be finalized in these underground stations until the end of the month of July, he added.

Sixty engineers drawn from various fields are working day and night for the success of the project.

Parts of the station are fabricated locally by Mesfin Industrial Engineering and Mesebo Cement, local private companies and the Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC), the stated owned military industry.