Owatonna, MN, November 30, 2013 (GMN) - Education was echoed by every participant at Obang Okumo’s graduation ceremony as the key to Anywaa/Gambella's future.

MR. Obang Okumo is no stranger to all of us who lived in Gambella, Ethiopia. He was a prominent Gambella resident, a well-known teacher, and a politician who fought for all Gambella to have equal rights and justice for voiceless Gambella’s and those who struggle with their own national identity.   He strongly believed Ethio-Gambella relationship and other ethnic groups as “United Ethiopians”. He is a very well-respected elder in the Gambella community. He is a father, a husband, mentor, and public servant who dedicated his life to public services and helping others.  When Mr. Okumo speaks, people listen to him.

Education as key to Future

All speakers spoke about the importance of education, and urge all members of the Anywaa Diasporas community to consider its stand on education by emphasizing more, encouraging all their members to go to school be it night or day, that it’s key to the future, and to the survival of their community.  Speakers after speakers reminded the audience about the difficulties families are going through in America, highlighted their concerns but reiterated the importance of cooperation between wives, and husbands in helping each other, encouraging each other on education, that it is imperative for both of them wife, husband to obtain an education. And that, no co-country can advance in political and economic, or technological development without the participation of men, and women.  In conclusion, no country can progress without women being part, and parcel of the overall socioeconomic development activities, through knowledge, the education we shall become a good, better, and productive citizen of our country.


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