Addis Ababa, January 02, 2018 (GMN) - State Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael received a delegation on  (01/01/2017) led by Dr. Gugo Obang Kwot that coordinate the activities of the Gambella Diaspora community in the US.

Along with a partner in the U.S, Dr. Barry Bacon; the delegation has aimed at founding a Gambella Medical School in Ethiopia.

Praising the project, Dr. Aklilu on the occasion noted the establishment of the medical school would definitely add to the significant upward trajectory the country has made over the past decade. The State Minister said, “the idea of training local medical physicians is encouraging and strategic”. 

The medical school would be administered by Gambella University, it was noted. The School envisions filling the gaps in training physicians and improving the healthcare situation in the region. It also plans to further generate partnerships with US medical schools and universities. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

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