February 25, 2023 (GMN) - Communication Bureau of Amhara Regional State made official its stand that it is unfeasible to proceed with self-group interest by disseminating narrow self-reflection and circulating a base-less narration based on hatred.

The statement issued recently that while leading people who have long been suffering from a lack of peace, development, and democracy; there is no chance and no time to keep on wallowing in racism and conspiracy politics. It is our responsibility expected from us all to build a nation that won’t be denied its existence by captives of bygone history and by those who are gambling on our future aspirations.  

“When captives of old history fail to differentiate the old from the new, and when they are unable to transform themselves into the new era, they keep on nibbling outdated political thoughts. This has become their idiosyncrasy and special skill. They cannot or rather do not want to realize how their moldy, divisive, and cheap political classification and judgment dwarf people’s coexistence, peace, and development. The poisonous stand they are spreading from dusk to dawn in coordination with their cohorts has gone non-stop. Such a move may give an instant respite but it will neither last long nor confer the reality of personal and group existence,” said the Bureau. 

The statement called on the Ethiopian people to denounce and fight against those age-old history captives who make speeches and actions that cause hatred and contradictions among the innocent compatriots who have lived together in unity by respecting one another since time immemorial.

“What should be underscored here is,” continued the statement, “that we are not the advocates of bad history. No way! However, we understand the fact that history can be a good lesson. Our old history is not the totality of our bad images. If there is a bad history, that is not in our interest to be an advocate of it. We rather work hard not to become actors of such a bad history. We strive hard to improve our common history in such a way that it can benefit posterity. However, we have no interest or desire to become captives of archaic history and expose our people to political hazards. That is not our purpose.”

The statement further noted that one should not expect to resolve peoples’ basic problems by a wish. “Moreover, the people should not expect solutions from external bodies.” 

The Communication Bureau at length called on the people to collaborate, help, understand one another and contribute their shares for lasting solutions. (Borkena)

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